Wilder Mann


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Wilder Mann

Wilder Mann in Lans keeps scoring top points for its authentic Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine prepared from locally sourced ingredients, many of them produced at the family farm. At this sophisticated country inn you can expect classic local treats such as ‘Tafelspitzsülzchen’ (prime boiled beef in aspic), ‘Kalbszüngerl’ (veal tongue), ‘Ter-laner Weinsuppe’ (beef broth with cinnamon croutons and wine) or ‘Tiroler Bauern-gröstl’, a rich, pan-fried potato dish.

Useful Information

  • Address: Römer Str. 212, Lans


One of the great pleasures of going on a holiday is being able to enjoy some really exceptional food. In Innsbruck you are spoilt for choice by a vast range of gourmet restaurants offering superb cuisine with regional and international flavours. Each of them is striving to provide the perfect environment for a fine dining experience, be it in traditional Tyrolean style - or in a sophisticated urban setting.