Chipe Libre


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Chipe Libre

Pisco, the much-loved brandy Chileans are so proud of, has caused many debates about who made it first, Chile or Peru. Chipe Libre is the perfect place to try both Chilean pisco as well as pisco from Peru and learn more about them. Decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Bars & Nightlife

Santiago's nightlife takes place mainly outside the historic city centre, in the downtown area. The Bellavista district, in particular, is known for its quirky bars, lively restaurants, and buzzing nightclubs. In the Barrio Brasil, you will have the opportunity to get to know the somewhat less-touristy side of Santiago's nightlife and find many smaller pubs and bars that are popular among the locals. Recently, the middle-class district of Ñuñoa has become increasingly popular among those who want to spend an evening away from the, perhaps, a bit too alternative Bellavista district. To complete the picture of what Santiago's nightlife is like, add a forward-looking music scene, a great interest in design, and a wide selection of craft beers to this colourful mix.