Dünewald Fisch


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Dünewald Fisch

The popular local fish monger loves to cook his fresh fish for his guests during lunch and early evening. No set menu, but whatever arrives that day together with a good glass of wine. This is an ideal place for a long chat.


Mingle with the locals and learn about the many local festivals to enjoy some regional fare. German food is always wholesome and there are always plenty of takeaway stalls in the town. Pork is a popular meat and so is chicken, and Sauerkraut with bratwurst is a must try. The local specialities include goat cheese, “Mutzbraten” roasted pork chops with a dark coat of herbs, “Rostbrätel” a pork steak with onion sauce and minced potatoes, and “Bierfleisch” is pork chops sautéed with dark beer.