Birmingham Pub


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Birmingham Pub

For a traditional English and guest friendly pub you can head to the Birmingham Pub, in the heart of Frankfurt. This cosy place shows all major sport events and offers great food like salads, schnitzel and burgers, including small snacks. They also have a huge selection of international beers, wines, whiskeys and spirits, as well as coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Bars & Nightlife

Frankfurt has a highly diversified range of offers available during the evening hours as well, so think about discovering the Main metropolis from one of its many sky-high lounges, a stylish piano bar, or by way of a concert at one of the city's many clubs. Good places to spend your evening with a drink are Sachsenhausen, with its many bars and pubs, and the trendy station district, where a lot of new, modern and creative bars and clubs have opened during the last years.