Castle of Friedrichshafen


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Castle of Friedrichshafen

The Castle of Friedrichshafen, also known as convent Hofen, was originally built in 1654, as a monastery for the Benedictines of Weingarten. Today, it serves as the residence of Friedrich, Duke of Wuerttemberg, and it is right next to the castle church itself.

Useful Information

  • Address: Schlosstrasse 1, Friedrichshafen
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Do & See

Friedrichshafen is beautifully located on the Northern banks of Lake Constance, offering unlimited possibilities: why not walk along the lake and enjoy the amazing view of the Austrian and Swiss Alps or climb up on the lookout tower to get a view over the landscape. The town also offers interesting exhibitions like The Zeppelin Museum where you can learn about the history of the flying machines, and, as so, you will certainly find yourself busy with exciting activities.