Leo's Juice & Burger


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Leo's Juice & Burger

Fresh and organic - and perhaps the best burgers in town! Leo's Juice & Burger is a cosy yet stylish restaurant in the heart of Lübeck that serves a variety of hand made burgers. Be it a classic cheeseburger, a buffalo mozarella burger or even a veggi bean burger - here you can find everything that your burger heart desires. And if you feel like it: try one of the refreshing and tasty home made juices. An experience you won't forget.


Being so close to the coast, fish features strongly on Lübeck menus. Cod in mustard sauce is a speciality and plaice is popular, as are tiny brown Baltic shrimps and herrings in many guises. In spring, feast on fresh asparagus. Rote Grütze, a compote of red fruits served with vanilla ice cream, is the favoured dessert. Do try Lübecker Rotspon, a red wine imported young from France, aged and mellowed in oak casks in Lübeck. Historic merchants’ houses provide the setting for some of the most memorable meals, and on warm summer nights it’s pleasantly relaxing to eat in restaurants with courtyards and gardens.