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The tradition of Lübeck as a wine trading town goes back to the 14th century. At that time, the great need for salt to preserve herring created a lively trade between Lübeck and the Bay of Biscay coast. Initially, barrels of red Bordeaux wine were loaded from the salt ships as a side load. These wines were given the popular name "Rotspon"; and quickly gained great popularity. The circle of customers of the Lübeck wine trade extended from northern Germany along the Baltic coast to the Baltic states and Finland. The designation "Lübecker Rotspon"; applies to red wines of French origin which are brought loosely to Lübeck and bottled according to old tradition. H.F. von Melle Beckergrube 86 23552 Lübeck Phone: +4904511050 Web: E-Mail: CARL TESDORPF Mengstraße 64 23552 Lübeck Phone: +490451799270 Web: E-Mail:

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