Le Véronique Hahnemann


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Le Véronique Hahnemann

Le Véronique Hahnemann is a popular destination for pizza enthusiasts, offering a mouthwatering selection of these beloved Italian classics. However, their culinary offerings extend far beyond pizza, with an extensive variety of appetizers along with specialities hailing from the realm of French cuisine, making it a diverse and satisfying dining destination for all tastes.


Pugliese cuisine is usually associated with orecchiette, little-ear-shaped pasta accompanied by cime di rapa (turnip-tops), but there's much more to this region than that one dish. The fresh vegetables found here are often prepared with oil and garlic and other specialities include fish, homemade pasta, and cereal-based soups. Most dishes are served with bread or taralli (similar to breadsticks). The burrata (mozzarella cheese with a cream centre) should not be missed. Pugliese cuisine with its delicate flavours is generally considered to be amongst the best in Italy.