Cavalieri — Specialty Coffee


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Cavalieri — Specialty Coffee

Thanks to their cafe experience in London, a young Italian couple was able to start their own one in Pisa. This coffee shop, very close to Knights' Square, is house of creativity. Give it a try you will likely taste the highest quality coffee in the city. You can also ask for other non-caffeinated hot drinks that pair excellently with fresh pastries.


In Italy, coffee is just as important as pasta. If you want to act like a local when ordering your coffee, there are some unwritten rules you should keep in mind. Cappuccino, Caffelatte or any other kind of coffee with a lot of milk should only be drunk in the mornings, before 11 am. When you order an espresso, don't use the word espresso, which actually is just a technical phrase. Ask the barista for simply "un caffè". Last but not least, when ordering "un caffè" you don't sit down. Stand at the bar and have your coffee while standing. Whether you feel like blending in or sitting down at a table, there are plenty of cafes to choose from in Pisa.