Café Sjiek


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Café Sjiek

Although the name might suggest otherwise, Café Sjiek (Chic) is a casual restaurant where you can enjoy 'posh' food and wine in the Maastricht sense. The menu includes dishes from the region, such as "zoer vleis', 'bloedworst' and sauerkraut. It is also a classy wine bar with fine wines per bottle or glass.


If you love food, you won't be bored in Maastricht, because you'll find at least one restaurant for just about every type of cuisine here. From Mediterranean classics, to Asian specialities, to the delights you'll only find here; and from Michelin-starred restaurants to wine bars to good old-fashioned pubs, Maastricht has it all. The countless restaurants offer hospitality and quality for every budget. You will find Maastricht's restaurateurs eager to showcase local products, not only in traditional local dishes, but in exciting and original "world cuisine" combinations. And don't miss the chance to visit some of the many unique dining opportunities in castles, estates, vaulted cellars, warehouses, and churches. Culinary highlights abound throughout the city. Chef Hans van Wolde of Beluga Loves You has retained his two Michelin stars for another year, and the guide has also heralded Château Neercanne and Tout à Fait as "très bonne cuisine" with one star each.