De Gele Kanarie


Copyright: Iris van den Broek

De Gele Kanarie

The beer and food paradise De Gele Kanarie is on the corner of the Goudsesingel and the Mariniersweg. The interior of De Gele Kanarie may remind you of the Bokaal and Weena cafés, also owned by Ron de Jong and Dave Heijnen. De Gele Kanarie serves lunch, dinner and various types of beer, wine and mixed drinks. They also have their own brewed beer on tap: DGK or De Gele Kanarie (Yellow Canary). This is named after Rotterdammer Martin van Waardenberg who calls a beer a yellow canary. This beer is brewed in-house, in the restaurant’s cellar. You can see the large beer kegs through the glass floor at the podium and you can admire the brewery at eye-level near the toilets in the cellar.

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