University of Bucharest


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University of Bucharest

In addition to being the centre for Bucharest’s intellectual and political events and the most popular meeting place in the city, the University of Bucharest has a dramatic history. During the 1989 Revolution, some of Romania’s fiercest fighting took place here. Close by you can find the University of Bucharest’s School of Architecture, the National Theatre, the Coltea Hospital and the Sutu Palace (History Museum). A Christmas market is held at the University Square every year, but you can find excellent restaurants and cafes in the area all year round.

Do & See

Bucharest boasts many beautiful monuments and landmarks, the most prominent being the Palace of Parliament — an imposing structure that now houses, among other things, one of the city's best museums: The National Museum of Contemporary Art. Other museums worth visiting are the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and the National Art Museum, housed in the old royal palace. Alternatively, enjoy the vast green spaces the city has to offer, like the gorgeous Parcul Carol, or wander around the charming old town.