Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Market


Copyright: Thomas Sly/cc by 2.0/Flickr

Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Market

Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Market is a vibrant and bustling market, known for its traditional African crafts, art and souvenirs, and visitors can find a wide range of items, including beaded jewellery, wooden carvings, traditional clothing, and much more. In addition to the shopping opportunities, Kwa Mai Mai also offers a unique cultural experience, with live music and dancing performances, as well as a variety of traditional food and drink stalls. If you're planning a visit to Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Market in Johannesburg, it's important to keep in mind a few tips. Dress casually and comfortably as the market is quite busy and can get hot. Bring cash as it's the only accepted form of payment at all stalls. Going with a local who knows the market well can also be helpful. Lastly, if you're interested in taking photos, it's important to ask permission first, especially in the muthi market where the traders are more conservative.

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