Viking Ocean Cruises

Iceland, British Isles & Iberia

Iceland, British Isles & Iberia
Reykjavík to Barcelona

Embark on a voyage of diversity. Immerse in the distinctive cultures of vibrant cities. Marvel at the changing landscapes including volcanic terrain, rolling green hills and the Mediterranean waters.

Embark on a voyage of diversity as you sail between Reykjavík and Barcelona. Stops in cities such as Dublin, Lisbon and Granada will allow you time to immerse in their distinctive cultures. As you travel, marvel as the scenery and climate changes including the black volcanic terrain of Iceland, the temperate rolling green hills of Ireland, as well as the sunny and inviting warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea along Spain’s southern coast.

04/02/2023 through 08/30/2025
04/02/2023 through 09/13/2025

Day 1 Reykjavík
Day 2 Reykjavík
Day 3 Sail the Atlantic Ocean
Day 4 Sail the Irish Sea
Day 5 Liverpool
Day 6 Dublin
Day 7 Sail the Atlantic Ocean
Day 8 A Coruña
Day 9 Porto
Day 10 Lisbon
Day 11 Scenic Sailing: Strait of Gibraltar
Day 12 Granada
Day 13 Sail the Alboran Sea
Day 14 Valencia
Day 15 Barcelona

08/30/25 - 09/13/25

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  • Suite$9499.00
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08/30/25 - 09/13/25

Starting At $7,799

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  • Balcony$7799.00
  • Suite$12299.00
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