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A beautiful street in San Gimignano

Gina Kemper- Founder

Ciao, I’m Gina

I remember when I was 16 years old sitting in a square in Italy eating gelato thinking, “wow this doesn’t feel real.” However, the emotions of leaving my family for the first time, the excitement of a week in a new country, my first plane ride, and that sweet sip of Tucson Wine- those emotions were real.

It’s those moments that I will always remember, and those emotions that have inspired me to travel to new, and exciting places where I have had the pleasure of things such as riding a camel in Dubai, feeling the warm breeze traveling down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, and watching the Eiffel Tower light up the night.

These experiences excite my inner child, and they are the reason why I became a travel consultant. It is my dream that you can experience the wonderful emotions of World Class Travel for yourself. I have dedicated my life to providing the best service for my clients because the memories made while traveling will last forever- it’s not just my businesses it’s my passion. I can’t wait to work with you and help you plan the Travel of your Dreams.

Contact me at gina@dreamtande.com or 720-427-9864 or any of my team below for the adventure of your lifetime.

On Safari in South Africa

Norbert Kemper- Co-Founder

Wie geht es dir, I‘m Norbert

Imagine you are sitting in complete silence enjoying your morning coffee, watching in awe as a Kadu sits surround by a pack of Hyenas… then you see a lion slowly creep into view. The Kadu is so engrossed by the hyenas it is unaware that the lioness is about to attack. I know it sounds like an animal show, but this was a real experience I had while visiting Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.

It is hard to explain the pure adrenaline you feel watching such a site, when you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up and you see the wild go from calm to ravage- there’s nothing like it. Growing up one of my favorite shows was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and it was always a dream of mine to go on a real safari- my experience was more than I ever could have imagined. It was this very moment that inspired me to become a travel consultant.

Since that once in a lifetime experience in South Africa I have taken many subsequent adventures, I have walked the island of New Zealand, strolled the Zen Gardens in Hong Kong and stared out the window of BurJ Khalifa.

I have walked the path in Jerusalem, gone on a cave tour in Belize, and found time to simply relax by the pool in Las Vegas. It’s this first-hand travel knowledge I put into work, these experiences that allow me to craft similar experiences for my clients. I want you to leave no stone unturned and no adventure untaken.

When you are ready, I would love to help you plan the next chapter of your great adventure story.  Contact me at 720-427-9863 or bert@dreamtande.com




George Mazzotti

George Mazzotti, your Disney Specialist.

I’m a Colorado native. I grew up on my family’s vegetable farm in the Italian farming community of Welby.

In 1968 my parents took us on a fabulous Christmas vacation to California. I fell in love with an enchanted theme park in Orange County called Disney Land. I have returned to this magical park too many times to count. 

I was even blessed as an adult to have been a cast member for the Disney Corporation.  My experiences with Disney have shown me that Dreams really do come true.  As a retiree, I have let my passion for these magical destinations direct me to help others enjoy the Disney experience.

Whether you are seeing these destinations for the first time or seeing it through the eyes of your children or grandchildren it is always new and exciting.  I personally know that Disneyland is waiting for you, be it California, Florida, a park in an exotic destination around the  world, or a Disney adventure on the seas.

When you wish upon a star, let me help that wish come true, I will help you plan a magical experience wherever you wish to travel. 

                                                   Contact me at 303-475-2611 or at George@dreamtande.com


Mary Sweeney - Mexico, Cruising and relaxation travel is my passion

It is no surprise to those that know me, travel is my passion. If I could spend the rest of my life traveling, I would never get bored!

My experience includes numerous Caribbean cruises, too visiting Europe, where I have walked the streets of Paris, Belgium, Dublin, London and Switzerland. The beach also calls my name as I visit Cancun yearly, and Playa de Carmen where swimming with the dolphins is a highlight that no one should miss. One of my favorite places is Puerto Rico for a relaxing getaway. My many years of experience with the airlines has also allowed me to visit so many places in USA they are too numerous to mention!

I would love to use my knowledge and well-rounded experience to research the best itinerary for you, so together we can make all your dreams come true!  

Don’t wait, make your plans now!

The great thing about travel agents that we have just witnessed, is they will sit on phone for long periods of time to rebook travel like recent travel cancellations. Let us do the work for you!

                                                Contact me at 303-514-4875 or at mary@dreamtande.com

Gianna Ball - Leisure and luxury - solo travel

I’m not your typical 21-year-old. I found out after my first semester of college that it wasn’t for me. I started saving money, packed up my things, and took my first solo trip to Africa. Going to Africa was the best decision I’ve ever made and made me realize I have a passion for traveling. Not only did I get to walk beside lions and cheetahs, but I made some lifelong friends. I dream of living in a bus and being able to travel anywhere I’d like to. I’ve decided to join the GLK Dream Travel team because I know how much joy traveling brings me, so I am hoping to bring that joy to you! 

Contact me at - gianna@dreamtande.com or at  303-396-9825

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