Monte's Lounge

Alice Springs

Copyright: Drew Farwell/unsplash
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Monte's Lounge

Monte's Lounge is not a mere restaurant but a place for entertainment, laughs, and pleasure. With a mixture of cabaret, circus, and eatery, this venue promises an unusual experience with great food and a fun atmosphere, so do take the whole family here, and enjoy the hype!


In Alice Springs, there is something suitable for every budget, and most places are dotted around the centre allowing easy access. The greatest thing about Centralian food is that it matches its surroundings: hearty, wholesome, and plentiful. Make sure to try some local meats such as kangaroo, emu, or camel. You may even venture to try buffalo, crocodile or the varying flavours of bush tucker. However, if your tastes are more in line with contemporary Australian cuisine, you can count on anything from French bread to mouthwatering steaks, and from Asian curries to bush tucker in all the cafes, pubs, and restaurants around town.