The Courthouse Collection Pearl Gallery


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The Courthouse Collection Pearl Gallery

One of the biggest in the area, this gallery showcases a wide choice of precious pieces, from necklaces to earrings and amulets. A special place is reserved for the classic bright white pears, which are an important part of Broome's history. You can see what the gallery has to offer at Broome Courthouse Markets on Saturday and Sunday 8am–noon, at the Cable Beach Resort Gift Shop, Broome Airport Gift Shop and Seashells Resort Gift Shop.


It is easy to find a beautiful, unique and inexpensive gift to take home from Broome. Art enthusiasts will take pleasure in wandering the art galleries. You'll find both traditional and contemporary artworks, from pottery to breathtaking photographs; don't miss the pieces made by indigenous artists. Local craftsmen are great at soap and candle making, producing decorated sea shells and natural skin products.