Kitten Vintage


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Kitten Vintage

Kitten Vintage is a unique vintage shop and cat cafe combo. Browse their ever changing range of antique items, quirky and amusing upcycled vintage furniture and collectables, retro style clothing and accessories. Every room is themed and you can step back in time and sit amongst it on an old Genoa lounge or 1960s dining room table with friends enjoying some organic tea. The cats are usually happy to interact with guests and the owner and decorator Deb is a ray of sunshine.


Within the city of Mackay, you will find a range of shopping options from the chic and expensive to bargain hunter’s markets. A stress-free tropical atmosphere makes the heart of Mackay a great place to wander. Check out the palm-fringed streets lined with specialty shops and the more everyday shops carrying Australian and international brands. Throughout the Mackay region, weekend markets sell local wares, handmade arts and crafts, delicious homemade food and fresh produce. Four times a year, The Leap and District Community Markets are held at The Leap Community Hall — always well worth going to for some fabulous buys from local artists and an array of intriguing bits and pieces.