Swarovski Crystal Worlds


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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, just 12 km east of Innsbruck, count among Austria’s most visited attractions. Created by the world renowned Tyrolean crystal manufacturer, this unique museum represents a glittering fantasy realm where top artists of international reputation reveal their personal crystalline fables, inviting fasci-nated visitors to immerse themselves in a mesmerizing world of wonders.

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Anyone who comes to visit Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrol region, will immediately notice the close coexistence of culture and nature. Located at the crossroads of Europe’s most important transport lines and nestled in the mountain ranges of the northern ‘Limestone’ Alps’ and the Central Alps, Innsbruck always was - and continues to be – a meeting point and platform for cultural exchange, commerce and science. In more recent times the city has also gained international reputation as an important sports venue.