Zorbas Bakery

Agia Napa – Protaras

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Zorbas Bakery

Zorbas Bakery started off as a small family bakery and cafe in the late 1970's and has since transformed into a household name with locations all over Cyprus. They serve well-loved snacks, local desserts and both sweet and savoury pastries, as well as always fresh bread, of course.


Cyprus coffee is served literally everywhere on the island. It's the perfect accompaniment for playing games or just shooting the breeze. Cyprus coffee is very different from European coffee, in that it is brewed in small pots with long handles called ‘mbriki’. The coffee itself is made from fresh finely ground coffee beans and is poured into tinted porcelain cups. The amount of sugar added depends on your taste: ‘sketo’ (no sugar), ‘metrio’ (half a teaspoon of sugar), and ‘glykis’ (a full teaspoon of sugar).