La Vecchia Osteria


Copyright: Giorgio Minguzzi
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La Vecchia Osteria

When you enter La Vecchia Osteria, the decorations and interior probably will not take your breath away, but try not to judge the book by its cover. The fresh seafood and fish dishes coming from the kitchen are delicious.


The Marche (or the Marches) region has a rich, varied cuisine that has developed out of poverty and the need to make the most from what little there was. Here you will find many rustic, tasty recipes, often with a fish base. Typical dishes include: brodetto all’Anconetana (a hearty Adriatic fish soup, similar to bouillabaisse) and stoccafisso all’Anconetana (salted cod – Ancona style). Don’t miss stuffed Olives Ascolana Style.