Comis Ice Cafe


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Comis Ice Cafe

The cafe, located right by the Bellini Theatre, is known for the high quality and variety of its ice creams (do give the pistachio a try). The offer is not limited to Italy's most well-known dessert, however - the place also serves granita in several flavours.


Italian coffee doesn't need a special introduction, and the variety of local sweets and pastries is truly mind-boggling - many an establishment in Catania serve mouthwatering Italian delights, from cream-stuffed cannoli to chocolate-filled croissants, and other alluring treats, notably granita, which is a semi-frozen dessert. In the savoury department, Sicily is known for its juicy arancini (stuffed rice balls, coated with bread crumbs and then deep-fried. They are usually filled with ragù, mozzarella, and peas).