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For traditional Sicilian souvenirs, try the centrally located Mizzica boutique. It sells hand-made crafts and decor items, bags, jewellery and accessories. The store offers good value for money and is a good find for those looking to bring local souvenirs to loved ones.


Catania is sometimes referred to as the Milan of Sicily - not so much for the fashion, but for the enterprising spirit. There are countless craftsmen, artists and small business owners who sell their wares all over the city, one example being the typical 53-inch Sicilian Pupi puppets that can be bought on Via Etnea. The elaborately carved wooden candelabras on sale in the historic quarters are another speciality of the region, and so are the colourful local ceramics. One must-visit local attraction is the open-air fish market La Pescheria - a bustling, loud, smelly locale where some of the finest seafood restaurants go to stock up on dish ingredients. Brand name shopping can be had along expensive Corso Italia and around Via Pacini, Via Umberto I, and Via Etnea.