Caffé Cavallaro


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Caffé Cavallaro

If you're looking for pastries, Caffé Cavallaro has them in many shapes and forms: fruit tarts, chocolate cakes or traditional ones like cannoli. You can also order a Sicilian brioche filled with ice cream, to be coupled with a granita or sorbet.


If you're searching for a breakfast spot, you can head to a local "pasticceria"(pastry shop). In Italy the traditional breakfast (la prima colazione) consists of a latte and whatever your sweet tooth may have you crave. The astute Sicilians, however, came up with an idea to combine the morning meal with a refreshing solution to cope with the hot summer of the Mediterranean island: pair a "granita", which is Italian slush, with a "brioche col tuppo"and you'll get the ideal Sicilian breakfast.