Etna Pasticceria


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Etna Pasticceria

Serving a wide selection of Sicilian delicatessen that range from traditional almond sweets to ricotta cannoli, Etna Pasticceria makes for a fine traditional breakfast spot. Located on the crowded Corso Umberto I, it also serves as an ideal place to relax in before moving on with your shopping day.


If you're searching for a breakfast spot, you can head to a local "pasticceria"(pastry shop). In Italy the traditional breakfast (la prima colazione) consists of a latte and whatever your sweet tooth may have you crave. The astute Sicilians, however, came up with an idea to combine the morning meal with a refreshing solution to cope with the hot summer of the Mediterranean island: pair a "granita", which is Italian slush, with a "brioche col tuppo"and you'll get the ideal Sicilian breakfast.