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Coming with outdoor seating facing the sea, Wunderbar offers both continental and English breakfast, so that you can start your day with either a sweet or savoury meal. It also acts as a spot for an aperitif, sporting cocktails made following secret recipes such as the "Liz Taylor" or the "Richard Burton". The evenings are also livened up by live piano or sax music.


If you're searching for a breakfast spot, you can head to a local "pasticceria"(pastry shop). In Italy the traditional breakfast (la prima colazione) consists of a latte and whatever your sweet tooth may have you crave. The astute Sicilians, however, came up with an idea to combine the morning meal with a refreshing solution to cope with the hot summer of the Mediterranean island: pair a "granita", which is Italian slush, with a "brioche col tuppo"and you'll get the ideal Sicilian breakfast.