The Greek Anphitheater


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The Greek Anphitheater

Certainly the most iconic monument of the city, the Amphitheatre was erected in Taormina in the 2nd century BC. Celebrated by Goethe for "the most beautiful view from a theatre", it overlooks the Ionic sea and Mount Etna. The classic cavea was tailored by the side of the hill and it serves as stage for international events.

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The medieval town can probably be walked within one day and this gem located on the East coast of Sicily has a unique charm that has attracted many travellers, despite its small size. The historical centre, Corso Umberto I with its shops and traditional Sicilian restaurants, crystal water beaches and the numerous options for a day trip in the Sicilian surroundings are some of the ingredients that make the so called "pearl" of the Ionic Sea so unique and alluring.