Dynasty Restaurant

Cagayan de Oro

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Dynasty Restaurant

This is a spacious restaurant with a distinctly oriental theme, located at the Dynasty Court Hotel. The Dynasty serves an extensive range of traditional Chinese dishes with an emphasis on fish and seafood. Its speciality is Peking Duck and Shark-fin soup.


Eating out in Cagayan de Oro can be as extensive or as light as you wish. Many of the local dishes comprise fish marinated in wine, lemon, and spices (such as the popular Kinilaw). Grilled meats and poultry can usually be found on the menus of most eateries as well. As befits a cosmopolitan city, there are restaurants to suit all tastes. Keep an eye out for French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, and, of course, Oriental eateries. Many restaurants offer al fresco dining. Below are the best places to eat in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines: